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Natural Handmade Vegan Bar Soap - Zero Waste Biodegradable Body & Hand Soap

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Reusable Organic Cotton Mesh Bag - Zero Waste Plastic Free Shopping Bag

These bags are a perfect substitute to plastic bags as they are made from organic cotton.

The net design allows the the content to breath, which makes it ideal for vegetables and fruits. However no one is stopping you to use this bag for any other occasion, our stylish colors and a trendy design will make your eco friendly lifestyle even brighter!

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Plastic Free Natural Sisal Bristles Toilet Brush & Stand - Eco Friendly Zero Waste Reusable Toilet Brush

Looking for a completely plastic-free toilet brush you can rely on to keep your throne sparkling? Expertly crafted by hand , this all-natural toilet brush ticks all the boxes and conveniently comes with its own stand.

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Organic Biodegradable Plastic Free Hair Ties - Zero Waste Eco Friendly Reusable Natural Cotton Hair Ties

These eco friendly hair ties are made from 100% Natural Rubber & Certified Organic Cotton. They are plastic-free and fully biodegradable. Unlike standard hair ties that are made of synthetic rubber and polyester (materials that can take thousands of years to break down and may never fully break down)

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Reusable Handmade Natural Wood Cutlery Set - Plastic Free Biodegradable Japanese Style Utensil Set

These cutlery sets may look too good to even think of actually eating with, but fear not, they can take much more than your bite.

For peaceful meals at home, at school, the office, and on the road: a set of Spoon , a fork , and chopsticks fashioned from safe natural dark wood. Enjoy your favorite foods in an old-fashioned, delightfully rustic Japanese air—with this Japanese-style wooden cutlery set.

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Natural Bamboo Pot & Dish Brush With Replaceable Head - Organic Biodegradable Zero Waste Multipurpose Brush

Say goodbye to yucky yellow sponges and plastic scrubbing pads and say hello to this nifty plastic-free dish brush with a replaceable head!

This dish brush is made with a bamboo handle and plant-based sisal or Palm bristles, Your choice!

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Natural Wool Dryer Ball

A Sustainable Alternative to Dryer Sheets!!
Wool dryer balls are a fantastic all-natural way to soften your clothes, eliminate static and reduce energy usage by drying your clothes faster. It may look like a stripped-down tennis ball, but these wool balls are made for your dryer, not the tennis court.

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Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for safe, high quality, ethically-sourced and Earth-friendly alternatives to everyday plastic products,
Our mission is to operate a responsible business that improves the lives of people and cares for the environment.

What Shoppers Said

I am hooked on this safety razor! I also bought blades from the shop and, as a first-time user, I am floored by how easy it is to use! The color is accurately portrayed in the photos, and everything came shipped in sustainable packaging! Gotta love it. Would 100% recommend to my friends/family who are looking to decrease their carbon footprints :)


Super cute, actually looks nice on my counter (which makes me want to use it!). Great feeling floss too!


Beautiful addition to any kitchen or bathroom i love them!

La Reina

Wonderful products! The loofah exfoliates much better than others I’ve used in the past.


Awesome - even with really tight contacts between my teeth this floss isn’t breaking or shredding. Love this low impact option. Thank you!


Great products, I had an inconvenience with the order and they were quick to respond and assist. They even shipped an extra goodies in the bag. Awesome customer service! Would re-purchase.